Some musicians work for the money, some musicians work for the fame. I work for the joy of pleasing my fans. I have discovered the secret… The more I work to please my fans, the better I get. Thank you for helping me to discover myself. I’m having sooooo much fun. I promise to make you happy.

My upcoming EP is sure to put a smile on your face. When you smile, I smile. Happy fans make me a happy man. Thank you.

Haters play a major part in the music industry.  There will always be a group of people who acknowledge what you do while hoping for your failure.  This is why I can count my friends on one hand. I keep a very tight clique around me.

As you continue to hate, I will continue to grow like a plant being nourished by water and sunlight. My life is sucker-free and hater-free! First I put my mind on it, then I put my grind on it!

Haters need love too! I love you, haters. Y’all keep hatin’; I’m goin’ keep skatin’.

Some musicians feel that they need the approval of other musicians and artists to make an impact. BIG MISTAKE! If there is one thing that I could tell musicians it would be “JUST PLAY!” Let your notes sink into the hearts f the people because people are really the decision makers that are going to approve you.

–Cire the Maestro

I totally understand Snoop Dogg’s philosophy on establishing a tight team. I am learning daily how to separate the real from the fake. Check out what I’m sayin’. Everybody starts on the ground, both me and my crew.

When you start rising above the ground, the gap between you and your crew on the ground gets wider. Do you fix the problem by going back down to the ground to get your crew? Absolutely not! If your crew is hungry they will work to catch up. If not, you have a responsibility to yourself and a duty to your craft to rise above the circumstances and deliver the best music that anyone has ever heard. Ya’ heard me!

–Cire the Maestro

Bring in the New Year on the right foot! Someone passed a note on to me. In this note, there are five things worthy of your attention. The note starts by saying, “Things are to be used, but people are to be loved.”

In 2018, watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Life is vanity without friends. Have you ever noticed the relationship between your two eyes? They blink together, move together, cry together, see things together, and sleep together; even though they never see each other.

Friendships should be just like that. Life is vanity without friends. I want you to be my friend in 2018. Let’s stay friends in 2018. Join my mailing list so we can keep in touch.


—Ciré the Maestro

I have learned to appreciate Artists and Musicians on all levels. I have no right to judge or criticize another because I know that all talents are given to us bo the ONE Supreme being and it manifests through different vessels being used on different levels.

–Ciré the Maestro